Using PO Approvals template - How do I add approver if over certain $ amount

I'm using the PO Approvals template and I would like to automatically add an approver if the =[Amount] is over $500.
In the process there are two steps I don't know how to do.

  1. What do I put in the expressions field to trigger if dollar amount is greater than $500?
  2. How do I add an additional approver automatically once the conditions are being met?

Overall this is an exciting program. I consider myself a horrible coder, but would love to get into this and gain another skill.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Hello @Mattimus,

Thanks for building apps with Honeycode, and happy to help out with your app. These are the steps you will need to take to build the functionality you need:

  1. Create a table with an Approver and Amount column. Format the Approver column to Contacts and the Amount column to Currency.

  1. Next create an app and in the example I created, I added a list. Set the source of the list to the above created table. Show the Approver and Amount columns in the list. I have made the Amount editable, which means an app user can change the amount.

  1. Next select the content box for Approver and go to its visibility properties. You will need to write an expression to show/hide this field depending on the amount entered.

The expression is: =IF(Table2[Amount] >"500.00", TRUE, FALSE)
You can also write =Table2[Amount] >"500.00". Either of these should work for you.

  1. Done! In the app, Approvers should only appear for table rows, where the value is more than $500.

Hope this helps, please let us know if this worked for your use case and if you have any other questions.

Thank you for the time and effort you put into this explanation. It is excellent if I simply wanted to hide the approver if the amount was less than $500, but what I'm trying to do is keep the existing workflow shown in the template. The only change is to automatically add an additional approver if the amount is over $500.
For example...

  • If Item is under $50 = Auto Approve (The template is already set up for this)
  • If Item is over $50 = Approval required by Department Head (The template is already set up for this)
  • If Item is over $500 = CFO is automatically added to approval list regardless of department
    The addition of the CFO could potentially be 3 or 4 approvers down the line.

Maybe in this screen...

Add CFO as "Next Approver" if amount is over $500
Can this be done through the Automations section? If so, how?

Any response on this?

Hi @Mattimus

Glad to hear you found the template useful.

There could be a way places do this but I just tried the following. I added a new automation that adds the CFO once the status has changed to Approved by the final approver.

The condition for automation would be change of status and it should run if:

=AND([Status]="Approved", [Amount]>=500, FINDROW(M_Approvers,"M_Approvers[Project]=[Project] AND M_Approvers[Approver]=[Approver]")[Next Approver]="")

This is checking for 3 conditions: Status was set to approved, the approver is the last one in the chain and lastly the amount is >= 500.

You will need to update the existing automation to account for this as well since it will send the approval email right away.

Please let me know if you have any questions.


Thank you for your help on this! I'm new to development so my ignorance will be very apparent here. But I have a couple of questions just so I can understand this correctly...

  1. This statement you gave me simply triggers the automation and I still have to add an action that changes the approver to the CFO? Correct? Or does this command do that as well?
  2. If I have to add an action, what would that be? My guess is to replace the approver cell to be the CFO instead of the first approver?

Hi @Mattimus

The trigger for the automation is still change in the status tracked by the [Status] column. This expression I provided performs additional checks to make sure the automation will only run when all of these conditions are true.

Yes, the action would be to update the Approver to your CFO. If this a single person, then you can directly update it from the automation rather than reading it from a table.

Please let me know if you have additional questions.

Happy building!

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