Validation ELSE upon button event

I've added a formula to run my automation after button click if certain conditions are met, for example:

Run step if this condition is met
=AND($[headline content]<>"",$[article_url content]<>"")

I wish the user could be alerted when the condition ISN'T MET and the automation ISN'T performed.

Basically, I wish the "Run step if this condition is met" had a ELSE clause where I could perform an alternate operation, like alert the user.

Hi @TimF-9ded, welcome to the community, and thanks for posting! :honey_pot: :honeybee:

For one solution, you could create another automation action that has the same formula wrapped with the NOT() function. That action would then execute if the criteria is not met.

You could also set up data validation, in which you could verify that conditions are met prior to a certain button being visible to a user.

Hope those ideas help! :slight_smile: Do those solutions meet your ask, or is there something more that would be helpful?

Thank you Alyssa,

Adding the same formula wrapped in NOT() function would work, if only I could find out how to add another ACTION to a single button.

How is that done?

Hi @TimF-9ded,

Of course, I'm glad that helps :slight_smile:

For your question: To add more actions to the same button, select the button, and in the properties window, click on the Actions tabs. Click "Edit automation", and you'll see the "Add actions" button in automation (located below the actions you may have already added):

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