Validation to input filed

i want to place validation to input filed , for example string should be length of 10 characters , and show message after 10 characters
how do we do this .

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Hi @Anil-470f, great question! You can accomplish this by using the Visibility settings on both a content box (inform the user it about the 10 characters) and a submit button. To make the example simpler I went with 5 characters:

For the content box to inform the user that they must not exceed 5 numbers or characters (check out the visibility settings on the right) (=IF(LEN($[Item])>5,True, FALSE))

To go one step further and prevent the user from submitting the form, you can do the same for the submit button ("Done" in my case) (=IF(LEN($[Item])>5, False, True))

Grayed out (=IF(LEN($[Item])>5,True, FALSE))

Basically the blue done button will have automations associated with it (e.g. insert records in table), while the gray does not.

And here's the final result:


I will reply here since I wanted to achieve a similar result but to ensure the Client ID being entered is not used yet.

I store Client data in the Clients table and their unique ID in the Client ID column. I have a form to add new clients with a field called Client ID which is a Variable type.

I added a text box under the Client ID field, containing the error message to be displayed for the user, and used the following formula for the Visibility settings:
=IF(ROWS(FILTER(Clients,"Clients[Client ID]=$[Client ID]"))>0,TRUE,FALSE)


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