#VALUE! Error in Builder

Hi All,

I recently had a button automation in builder go down. Everything was functional until mid day Wednesday 5/19. The button triggered an email through Zapier, where payloads feed from an $InputRow. Now all of my payloads show as #VALUE! and Data Cell references appear as #REF. Any idea how I can fix this issue?

Hi @hpollard, sorry to hear about this. Please report an issue and our team will take a closer look. By any chance are you seeing this in any other workbooks or other parts of your app?

Hey AJ, I am only seeing the issue with buttons in the builder however the #REF error is still pulling data so my SMS text button is functional. The #VALUE! error is not pulling a payload.

@hpollard thanks for reporting the issue and providing more details. Our team will take a look and follow up as soon as possible.