Visibility If Certain Data is found in column

I have a column called "Is in Attendance" in the table Students as shown on the attached image. I want to set a block visible only if the value "Checked In" is found in any cells in this column. I am not sure how to write the function to make this work.

Hey @Davi-7079 ,

Setting visibility at a block level is a great idea and allows you to group the content placed in the block.

For starters what is the data source for the block? If you used Honeycode's wizard to create your detail screen the data source for the block may be set to $[InputRow]. Understanding what the data source is set to for that block impacts how we write the visibility function.

Let's assume the Block data source is set to $[InputRow]

Set the visibility to =$[InputRow][Is in Attendance] = "Checked In"

The key part in the visibility before you select the column Is in Attendance you need to specify the data source. In my example $[InputRow] is the data source.

I hope this helps. If you're using a different data source let me know the settings and I can update the visibility formula for you.

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Hi Nancy, Yes the Data Source is actually the Student Table. I am not using a form so InputRow is not where the column data is.

Trying to hide the "Clear Session" Button when the column "Is in Attendance" does not have any cell in the entire column is equal to "Checked In"

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