Based on variable value $DC_Manager = "APPD", I want to make Directory cell visible not sure what mistake I am doing.

Variable DC_Manager, value is updated based on user selection from pick list.



Please let me know if you need any further information, thanks for your help.

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Hey @San,

In an effort to respond to your question I found some interesting results. For the object/content you're trying to add the visibility condition for, click on the "DISPLAY" tab and set the condition in the "Set Visibility" section.


In terms of the logic for the Director visibility set the formula to IF($[DC_Manager] = "APPD", TRUE, FALSE) oddly enough after saving the change a red warning displays stating "Formula references a deleted cell or column" however when I run the app the visibility condition is working properly. When the $DC_Manager is set to APPD the director field displays and if I select a different value the director field is hidden.

I decided to test the same formula but instead of using a variable for the DC_Manager I used the actual field data and updated the function to IF([DC_Manager] = "APPD", TRUE, FALSE) and the error warning is no longer present and the Blue formula indicator is present indicating the formula is correct.

I hope this helps!

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Hi @San to add onto what @Nanc-5d83 shared you can also use this as your formula in the visibility settings to simplify it =$[DC_Manager]="APPD"

I wasn't able to replicate the error @Nanc-5d83 saw, but if either of you continue to hit an issue with that error and are blocked please report the issue in product. We can troubleshoot further if that is the case. Thanks!

Hey @Matt_N,

Thanks for the update, after I closed out of the app and returned the warning sign no longer displays. Perhaps it was some type of refresh issue. Seeing the blue dot makes me happy :slight_smile:

Best Regards,


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Thanks Nacy and Matt!

Interesting! Earlier I was getting errors like Nacy mentioned above. Now I test on visibility on Data Cell and Content Box. Please see below screen shoots:


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I think now understand the behavior of Honeycode. In case any column is empty and initial value for variable is null this end up as error; even though condition is correct. Thank again Nancy and Matt.

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Thanks for circling back here @San glad to see that it's working for you now :slight_smile:

I updated my set up so the initial value of my variable is null, but wasn't able to replicate the behavior you were experiencing. If it continues and becomes a blocker for you let us know and we can look into it further, thanks!

Thanks Matt!

Nancy help me to narrow focus on this; BTW weirdness with Honeycode tricks sometimes :slight_smile:


Love when the community comes together :heart:

Also, thank you for the feedback you have provided us so far! Keep the feedback coming :grinning: We love hearing feedback as we continue to evolve and update.


@Nanc-5d83, ha, yes that :large_blue_circle: does bring a sense of happiness. :slight_smile:

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Hi There! I built an app on honeycode and did data validation for all my pages. I am trying to do data validation for the "Update row" button on my Detail page and all the cells keep giving me the same error that formula references a deleted cell. Is there a way around this?

Hi @Chri-c444,

Thank you for your question and welcome to the community!

Can you check if the data cell is set to Shared? If it is, it needs to be set to Variable for the "Update Row" button to work.

Thank you,