Vote for new content! Let us know the type of resources you want to see for Honeycode

We're developing instructional resources to help you learn Honeycode’s new experience! Please select up to 3 types of content that would help you learn best.

  • Short video series. I want to watch 2-5 minute videos on how to use Honeycode.
  • Articles. I want step-by-step, written instructions on how to use Honeycode.
  • Courses. I want to take a course series on how to use Honeycode.
  • Webinars. I want to watch instructive webinar content on how to use Honeycode.
  • In-product. I want tool tips, GIFs, and other content embedded directly in Honeycode.
  • Case Studies. I want examples of real-life customer implementations.

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Missing options:

  • By postcard in the physical mail

  • Interpretive dance

  • Personal lectures by Werner Vogels on a beach in Florida



@Aaro-86e0 you got us! How could we forget these options! Postcard by mail is a critical resource :mailbox:.

I dont see the Text / screen formatting options like Bold /Italic/ Text Color / background color etc .

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Hi @Arianguy welcome to the community and thank you for your suggestion! This is a great feature request, I will share this with the team.