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  • Event Planning - Plan events, marketing campaigns and keep your budgets on track
  • Project Management - Track the status of your project initiatives and their dependencies
  • People Operations - Onboard your team and manage their availability or shift assignments
  • Asset Management - Manage the status of your inventory
  • Streamline Workflows - Automate your team’s approval processes using email and mobile notifications
  • Survey Creation - Gather feedback from customers, employees, events

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Hi I registered thinking i use google sheets right now to manage properties on behalf of landords which requires sending pdf statements...so effectively looking for a teamplate that allows property, tenants, landlords, tenancies where rent recived and due can be recorded ie 6months tenancy to allow 6months rent due button or automatcly fill. regards

Hi @Dawa-046c,

Welcome to the Honeycode community and thank you for this great template idea! Really excited to share this with our team. We look forward to hearing more from you!