Webhook Integration to Accounting System - JSON Request

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This topic is well outside of my comfort zone (:grimacing:), but we're going to tackle the issue! The table created from my PO system hosted on Honeycode has all the elements necessary to enter a PO into our accounting system; however, this information is currently manually keyed (:sauropod:) which takes valuable time and delays reflection of these committed costs in the budget. As such, the logical next step is to investigate the viability of a direct integration.

I've discussed this with our system consultant who has successfully done something similar between Viewpoint Spectrum and Microsoft Power Apps so he's hopeful it's possible, but I don't know what what avenue to get there (i.e. Honeycode Webhook > Amazon App Flow > Viewpoint Spectrum) based on the guide I've been provided (connection information with exclusively support JSON format, JSON request details, and sample headers).

So it would appear I have all the puzzle pieces, but no idea how they fit together. If it's of any help our Viewpoint Spectrum system is hosted by AWS.

Cheers! :clinking_glasses:

Hi @Zach-932b, thanks for reaching out--love your use of emojis! We're in communication with one of our external integrations product managers to see if we can find a solution for your need. We'll be in touch :slight_smile:

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Hi @Zach-932b, while I'm not familiar with Viewpoint Spectrum, one possible approach would be to have a Honeycode button perform a webhook call into Lambda via API gateway. Lambda could then format the data into JSON and then call the Spectrum API.

While the three links below discuss how to integrate with Quicksight, they may be helpful in understanding how to integrate external systems with Lambda.

Hope this helps!