Webhook Not Firing for Make.com

Hi community,

I built a simple weather intergration in Classic. It works but I have one glitch that I can't seem to sort out.

In a nutshell, I have a table holding a location and its coordinates, as well as the current forecast. A user can click the refresh button and get the latest iteration of forecast, also updating a timestamp in the row. Each row has a unique ID as well.

All good when I run this with Zapier webhook. I pass the Row ID, the latitude and longitude out on the webhook, my Zap takes that, passes it to Zapier's built weather app, and I update the Forecast for the row with the Row ID passed in on the webhook. Works nifty.

At present I'm on the free tier of Zapier. So, in a handful of days this Zap will stop working. It's only the webhook that's premium, the rest will all work. I was attempting to use an alternate webhook via Make.com (formerly integromat.com). The only difference in setup is the URL. Everything else is the same. The Make.com webhook URL is valid, I was able to ping it from outside of my Honeycode app.

Any suggestions on why the make.com webhook won't work but the Zapier one will?


Update: we have no idea why this fixed the problem but we deleted the button and it's automation, rebuilt, and the make.com webhook started working.


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Hi @DevC-79e7,

That's great to hear! I will pass along this information to our Engineering Team.

Thank you,