Webhook not firing

I created a very simple automation that should send off a webhook when a row is added. It's very simple, just a Zapier Catch Hook URL and a simple static value and key.

Subsequent actions run, but no Webhooks will run.

Hi @Mike-3bc0,

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If the automation is running the other actions successfully, it's possible that the zap is not fully configured in Zapier or may not be active / turned on yet.

In Zapier, when you set up a catch hook trigger, you can send a test trigger to the custom url. Have you tried that to ensure that the catch hook is set up correctly and is active?

Also just in case this helps you see what step may have been missed, here's an article that walks through the steps for creating a zap with Honeycode as the trigger: Integrate Data with Zapier and Amazon AppFlow. :honey_pot:

Turns out it had to do with the run options.

As a matter of note, I use Zapier with just a catch hook to test my webhooks to make sure they are sending what I expect. That allows me to test before I send them to the real destination.

Zaps don't have to be configured completed, or turned on, to capture a webhook and display it.

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