Hi there!

I want to call an AWS Lambda through API Gateway using a Webhook within Honeycode. The goal is to call this server when a row has been added to the table.

How can I reference the data which has been created in the Webhook payload / header? I would like to send this data to the gateway.

However I am not sure how to reference the data within the payload value / key?

Hi @Dani-7d71, please find below a screenshot of how I have configured the webhook within Honeycode (for Zapier).

As you see in the screen below:

  • you define the URL for the webhook
  • the payload value contains a reference to a fied in the user interface => you have to include a field name (in the example my field name is [Alexa_category])
  • you define your payload key

Hope it can help you :slight_smile:


Hi Joel,

thanks for your help. I was missing how to reference the variable. It has worked!


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