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I have a table with a column where you add the week in which the record is made.
Now, I want to filter the logs in my app so that only the rows for the current week are automatically displayed.

I used the following filter in the app but I have to modify it every week and I want it to be done automatically.

=FILTER(ROL,"ROL[Anio]=% AND ROL[Semana]=% ORDER BY ROL[Numero NOI] ASC","2021","35")

Hi @Hern-ec53 :honeybee:

As of now, there is no function in Honeycode that returns the current week of the year. However, for a solution, you can define the weeks in a table and only display data in your app that is within the start and end date of the current week.

For example, here's a table that defines weeks:

Then in the app, create a variable that defines the current week by checking if TODAY() is greater than or equal to the start date and less or equal to the end date:

Formula in this example is:
=FINDROW(Weeks,"Weeks[Start Date]<=TODAY() AND Weeks[End Date]>=TODAY()")

Then set up a list with a FILTER to only display rows for the current week. This will provide your desired results of only showing rows for the current week:

=FILTER(Tasks,"Tasks[Due]>=$[CurrentWeek][Start Date] AND Tasks[Due]<=$[CurrentWeek][End Date]")

Hope this example helps! Let us know if you have any other questions. :slightly_smiling_face: :honey_pot:

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