Weekly Demo Schedule

This template makes scheduling and managing recurring demos and team presentations a breeze.

Getting started

Click here or select the Weekly Demo Schedule template when creating a new workbook.

App screenshots

Data organization

Metadata tables

  • Limit user inputs to a predefined list of options using the rowlink format. In the app, rowlinks will display as a dropdown menu of options for things like the teams and demo schedule.

Data tables

  • The Demos table stores the demo information and related metadata like presenters, teams, and links to any relevant documentation. This table is modified by the app when a user adds, removes, or changes the demo information. This table also powers the Demos and Edit screens.

  • FAQ stores questions and answers about the demo. This information is displayed in the FAQ screen of the app.

:hammer_and_wrench: Builder tip: You can update these tables and to customize the app to your needs.

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