What happens if my email is deleted?

I signed up for a honeycode account using my company email and have already created an app that works. The problem is, I am only an intern and my email will be deleted once I leave the company which is in 1 month's time. Will the honeycode account still be available if my email is deleted? Alternatively, is there a way to transfer my work to another account and make that account the owner before that happens?

Unless your company is using SSO, you should still have access to your Honeycode account even if the email is deleted. But that said, the safest approach would be to just recreate the app(s) that you created in a new personal account.

If you don't want to take that approach, as a workaround, I'd suggest inviting a personal email account to the Honeycode team you have created with your company email. Make that second account a team admin, and once done, share the app that you created in the company account with your personal account (as owner). Now the personal account should have full access to the app.