What is Honeycode?

Welcome to Honeycode!

Honeycode helps you build mobile and web apps that empower teams to work the way they want.

You don’t need programming skills to build apps on Honeycode.

  • Make apps using a visual builder
  • Manage your data in tables
  • Use automations to replace manual steps

Use Honeycode for use cases like project management, operations, customer pipelines, resource tracking, and approval workflows.

Your app can be used by teams of ten or by hundreds of people across an organization.

The benefits of Honeycode

Build web & mobile apps that work on a desktop browser, iOS, and Android. No programming is needed, so anyone can be an app builder.

Honeycode apps help teams stay in the loop. That's because all teammates have access to the same data, updated in real-time.

Teams stay focused because Honeycode apps can be personalized to show data that’s relevant to each team member.

With Honeycode, you can automate manual steps. Notify the team about updates or remind people when it's their turn to take action.

Why use Honeycode?

Many people use spreadsheets to manage projects and track items. This can be cumbersome and error-prone, since spreadsheets aren't designed for collaborative teamwork.

What if you had a purpose-built app, made just for your project? Unfortunately, building one usually requires programming ability or IT resources.

Honeycode eliminates the need for both, so you can build your own. Honeycode provides all the necessities, from front-end components and app client to back-end data storage.

All of this, wrapped into an easy-to-use visual interface.

Honeycode Demo

Watch this demo to see how you can build and launch a custom approvals app without any programming.

Honeycode Tables

Look like a spreadsheet, work like a database. Honeycode tables pack extra oomph because they act like a relational database.

Honeycode Builder

Builder lets you customize your app's layout and appearance. Link the data you want to display and watch your app come to life instantly.

Honeycode Automations

Turn workflows and business processes into a well-oiled machine. Pick the actions you want to automate and set the conditions that trigger them.

So, what are we waiting for? Sign in to Honeycode and start exploring!

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