What is the programming language being used in this Honeycode?

Honeycode is recently introduced to me by our CEO. The slogan tells that "to build custom apps that help your team manage work and achieve its goals. No programming required."

Really, "no programming required"?

So, how does it work? I've been developing and implementing web and mobile apps for a number of years already and they were written in React.js, Express.js, Node.js, Typescript, Javascript, PHP, MySQL, PostgreSQL, MS SQL Server, Oracle, etc.., etc..

But for this honeycode, I don't know what technologies being used here.

Kindly advise.

Thank you


@Jimm-6c2f Hi Jim, welcome to the community! :honeybee:

Love hearing that your CEO shared Honeycode with you, and yes, you can build apps in the service without any programming :smiley:

Honeycode has a visual app builder that allows you to easily create an app from data that you add to a workbook. There are wizards available that can quickly create screens, and different objects in the visual builder let you customize features without any programming.

Some objects can be further customized by adding code and you can also write formulas for automations. You can find the different functions that Honeycode supports here: Honeycode Functions

Let us know if you have any particular questions as you try out Honeycode, we're happy to help! :honey_pot:

Hi @Alyssa , thanks for your reply.
Way back more than 2 decades ago, I was coding the MagicSoftware where you could just click and drag objects and create screens and run a user interface without seeing any codes at all.

Is this something what Honeycode means?

If that so, how could we transition our existing codes from Laravel and PHP if we are going to shift into this Honeycode? Can we continue to use it and transform it into Honeycode based programming language?

Otherwise, if we shift to Honeycode, we may put that Laravel and PHP codes into waste.

Please advise. Thank you.

@Jimm-6c2f Hi Jim :honeybee:

Yes, Honeycode works similarly to what you've described, as the visual builder allows you to add objects to a screen in your app. Here's an overview for you to learn more: App Builder Overview

In regards to your second question, you would not be able to shift existing code into Honeycode, however Honeycode allows you to build apps quickly in the visual builder. Feel free to give Honeycode a try to see if it suits you and your team (the basic plan is free up to 20 users).

If you have any particular building questions for your use case, let us know, and we'll be happy to help. :slight_smile: :honey_pot: