📢 What’s New in Honeycode September 2022! Six New Templates and More to Come

We are excited to share what’s new in Honeycode this month! We have recently launched six new templates to help you get started on building apps to simplify your team work.

Event Project Management: Plan and execute events with ease

Use our Event Project Manager template to efficiently manage event projects, tasks, and budget. You can customize assigning tasks, owner, timelines and dependencies to each project! App builders can automate or trigger notifications to task owners and highlight delayed tasks. Learn more about this new template in the video below.

Vendor Management: Centralize your companies suppliers

Centralize data for your company’s projects, vendors or suppliers through maintaining contact information, quotes, and contracts right in the app. Additionally, you can track vendor assignments for meetings or events including tasks, budget forecasts, and actual spend. Explore this app more and watch the video below.

Event Budget Tracker: Track and manage your events

Plan your event and track expense proposals to stay on budget. Manage expenses across multiple events while keeping to set budgets and load proposals for review and approval. Explore this app more and watch the video below.

RFP Selection: Organize your procurement evaluation process

Create an app for your team to store, update, and rate existing Request For Proposal (RFP). Organize data for your company’s projects, vendors or suppliers through maintaining contact information, and RFPs. Additionally, you can track RFP assignments and add incoming RFPs for review.

Asset Management: Allow your operations team to easily lend and receive their internal assets

Automate and monitor your asset assignments and returns using our new Asset Management template. Efficiently upload bulk number of assets for easy management and tracking. We have built a solution for you to simplify your operations and supply chain teams asset lifecycle.

Recruiting Management: Manage end-to-end recruiting processes

Use our Recruiting Manager template to track and manage open job positions and considered candidates. You can initiate the hiring process by making a request and create recruiting stages for job positions. Easily monitor the offer process and track candidates that can be a good fit for other positions.

Tip of the Month

Customize your apps more with emojis! Did you know you can add emoji’s to your app? If you have a PC you can simply type Windows logo key + . (period). The emoji keyboard will appear. For a Mac Press Command + Control + Space. Hold the Command and Control keys on your Mac keyboard and then press Space.

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