📢 What's New in Honeycode August 2022! New Integrations for Zapier, Amazon AppFlow, Webhooks & APIs

Connect to 5000+ apps using Zapier, and enable integrations using Amazon AppFlow, Webhooks and APIs

You can now easily connect your Honeycode app to thousands of external apps and services. Through Zapier you can connect to Salesforce, Slack, Google Sheets, LinkedIn, and many more tools to integrate business workflows and improve your team's productivity. You can also use Amazon AppFlow to connect to connect to services like Amazon S3, or use Webhooks and APIs to configure more advanced integrations. Learn more in our Integrations article.

How Phonesuite creates sales quotes using the expense reporter template

We are excited to introduce our first Spotlight Series post, where we celebrate Honeycoders creating innovative apps. Read more about Honeycode Spotlight Series and Phonesuite’s use of Honeycode templates to save time with app building. Tell us your story to earn a story teller badge!

Tip of the Month

Did you know you can update your screen icons? You have the option to select up to 11 different icons for your screens. Simply click on the grey space between your app screen menu and your app to edit your icons under “SCREEN NAVIGATION”.

Get involved with the community

:white_check_mark: Vote in the community. Let us know what you think and how we can improve by voting in the community poll! Vote on our latest poll: What features do you want to see more from in Honeycode?

:zap:Share your experience. We want to highlight and learn more about how you use Honeycode. Share your story in Honeycode Spotlight Series.

:loudspeaker: Join Honeycode's Community Research Program to test out features and earn a $100 Amazon gift card! Please email us at honeycode-outreach@amazon.com if you're interested. If selected, we'll follow up with details. Read our Privacy Notice.

Questions? You can reach out to us via the Honeycode community forum.

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