📢 What's New in Honeycode June 2022! Preview Templates in the Updated Gallery

The Amazon Honeycode team has been preparing some exciting changes to make using the new experience easier. We are excited to share what’s new from June. :honeybee:

Preview templates in the updated gallery

Our new template gallery helps make selection easier with images from the pre-built apps, so you can see a snapshot of its features. We outline their core capabilities, so you can learn how they can simplify your team's workflow.


Reduce keystrokes with the number picker

To improve the app user experience, we’ve added a number picker to remove unnecessary keystrokes. Learn more about it here.

Number Picker 7_5

Tip of the Month

Did you know you can create related lists (i.e., a sub-list on a detail screen) in Honeycode templates? While many of our templates come prebaked with related lists, we will show you how to build one from scratch. We recommend this only for more advanced Honeycoders. Learn more about it here.

Learn how to get involved with the community.

Honeycode is always welcoming new community members and thinking of ways to learn from you, our customers!

Vote in the community. Let us know what you think and how we can improve by voting in the community polls! Vote on our latest poll: What do you want to use Honeycode for?

Share your experience. We want to highlight and learn more about how you use Honeycode. Let us know what you like and what features you would like to see.

Ask us questions! Seek advice from fellow Honeycoders using the community discussions forum.

Questions? You can reach out to us via the Honeycode community forum.

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