What's the difference between ISERR() and ISERROR()?

The documentation says ISERR(value) tests for an error value, and ISERROR(value) tests for any error value. What's the difference?

Hello @Isaiah, good observation and catch. There is a subtle difference between the two: ISERR(value) returns TRUE if the value refers to or evaluates to an error value except #N/A; while ISERROR(value) returns TRUE if value refers to or evaluates to any error value, including #N/A.

A quick and easy demonstration is if you are in a table you can try the following:

That being said, I think we could be a bit more clear in our docs, so I'll put in a request to add this subtly.



@Isaiah documentation updated :slightly_smiling_face: Honeycode Functions

Thanks again!

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