Where do I report bugs?

Where do I report bugs? I read somewhere that that could be done within the Honeycode Builder, but that link only takes me here, to https://honeycodecommunity.aws.

Hi @joeb-f1e9,

Thanks for asking here! Yes, you can report bugs and issues in Honeycode in the left-hand panel. In the left-hand panel, click on the Help icon > "Report an issue."

In the report, describe the issue you are experiencing, any steps taken before it happened, and provide any relevant screenshots (such as of any error messages). Also, please leave the auto-generated diagnostics ID as this is helpful for our team to investigate the issue.

"but that link only takes me here..."

Hi @joeb-f1e9,

The "Report an issue" link should take you to the community with a message prompt to send a message to our Support team:

I just tested this out and verified that the prompt is working correctly.

If you are not seeing this report issue prompt, could you perhaps try a new browser window or a different browser? Let us know if that helps.

Thank you for checking. I think I see what's going on here.

From day one, I've had to log in to both my Honeycode (HC) builder account and the HC community/forum separately (despite both having identical credentials). If I log into the HC builder first, then refresh the browser window that shows the HC community, it automatically logs me into the HC community account. That does NOT happen when I click the "Report An Issue" button and a new browser window opens.

So, for my own information, I just need to make sure the HC community/forum account is properly logged in before reporting any issues. Thank you.

Hi @joeb-f1e9,

Got it, I'm glad you identified what was going on :slight_smile:

Thanks for sharing too where the snag was for you. I'll let the team know about your experience in case there's something we can do to help prevent what you ran into (with the separate logins).

We'll keep an eye out for any issue reports from you, and feel free to reach out to us here on the forum as well.