White label app development

Hi @aj -

This has been on my mind recently as well. I am currently helping several companies create similar apps using honeycode, but it would be much easier for me if I could build their app and then share it to them without having them all on the same team. I plan to write a feature request in the future but thought I would share since I just saw this on the forum.

Thanks for sharing your feedback, @Jared! We've seen similar requests from others interested in this as well. You can visit the How can I whitelabel my apps? topic to view the conversation :honeybee:

As a company that builds custom database systems for our clients this does present a difficulty.

There are clients that want us to build systems in our own environment and then deliver them a final product. Or the client is using the system and they are unwilling to have anyone work on a live system (which is generally the right thing to do).

Or perhaps someone builds a Honeycode app that they would like to resell. It's a common use case. Or they create updates to systems they've built and sold and need to update their client's instance while keeping all client data.

In these scenarios how would a developer be able to develop in Honeycode?

Thanks for listening.


P.S. I recognize Honeycode is very new. In my experience each and every change or improvement in Honeycode will generate lots of new suggestions and requests. It's the nature of the beast.

The good news is you have a product that customers want to use!


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Hi @Rich-ccc4,

This is all great feedback! Thanks for sharing your thoughts and use case. :slight_smile:

I can see the need for white-label apps in your space, and the possibilities that this could open up for Honeycode.

I'll pass your feedback and request along to the team.

And yes, we are continuously improving Honeycode, and hearing from customers like you helps us understand what to focus on next in development. So keep your thoughts coming, all of it helpful! :honeybee:

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