Work with date without year / e.g. for birthday reminder

I would like to set up a little tool that works (among a few other things) as a birthday reminder - basically my first steps in Honeycode to try it out. I'd like to trigger a notification 7 days before the birthday of a customer. Looks like an easy task... but I can't figure out how to use just the day and month without the year - setting the reminder to 7 days before 05.05.1975 would probably not work that well, for example. :wink: When I strip away the year and write MM-DD in a different field to work with that, it's obviously not recognized as a date and can't be used in an action.
Does anyone has an idea for a work-around?

Bonus question: there's no way to change the date format to YYYY-MM-DD, right? In my country, we usually write month and day in a different order than Honeycode... it's a bit of a compatibility issue. :wink:

I don't know if you can use the day and month without the year, but what you can do is make a new column that contains the date of the next birthday starting from today. i.e. get the month and day, then add today's year. If that's in the past (i.e. earlier this year) add a year. e.g. using a formula like this, where "DateOfBirth" is the full date of birth including a year.

=IF(DATE(YEAR(TODAY()),MONTH([DateOfBirth]),DAY([DateOfBirth])) > TODAY(),DATE(YEAR(TODAY()),MONTH([DateOfBirth]),DAY([DateOfBirth])), DATE(YEAR(TODAY())+1,MONTH([DateOfBirth]),DAY([DateOfBirth])))

That doesn't deal with birthdays on 29 Feb, but in that case it seems to be up to officialdom and/or the individual what date they choose as their birthday.

re. the date format, I can't see a facility for displaying other date formats. Personally I would rather the default (for Gregorian calendar dates) was actually YYYY-MM-DD as it's close to the ISO standard, probably understood by everyone, and sortable. But again, you can create a new column that contains a text date constructed from the year, month and day, e.g. using something like =TEXT(YEAR([DateOfBirth]),"0000")&"-"&TEXT(MONTH([DateOfBirth]),"00")&"-"&TEXT(DAY([DateOfBirth]),"00")

What I do not yet know is how effectively you can use those things in the User Interface to display the format you want while still allowing the user to input using the format you want (or they want).

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Thanks, that's a good idea - and it works well.
Only downside is that I can't mark a birthday as "done" after the greeting card was sent because it would still be marked as done the next year. But I'll figure something out... :slight_smile:

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