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Hi Honeycode team!

I received a notification that one of my workbooks was nearing the 10,000 row limit, so I have immediately upgraded my plan to the one with the 100,000 row limit ceiling.

This should have definitely fixed the problem, as manually counting the number of rows on my workbook gives a value considerably lower than 10,000. However, I am now seeing the following error:

A team's workbook is nearing Honeycode's 100000 row maximum. Remove nonessential tables or rows to add more.

I find it difficult to believe that 90,000 rows of data just popped up out of nowhere in the span of a minute I spent upgrading my team's plan. Is this a bug I can safely ignore, or should I be concerned?

Hi @Eric-65bb! :slight_smile: :honeybee:

Thanks for sharing what you're seeing; is the row limit banner still displaying on your account? If you have just upgraded your account, you can try to start a new session or log out and log back in again.

If you're still seeing the notification banner and do not have any workbooks that have neared the limit, please submit an issue report to us by clicking on the Help icon > "Report an issue", and we'll take a deeper look.

Hey @Alyssa, the warning has thankfully since disappeared. There seems to be a bit of delay with the banner disappearing, and the warning message does not seem to be dynamic to the actual number of rows present.

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Thanks for letting us know, @Eric-65bb , glad it's cleared for you now! :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you too for bringing this to our attention. If you bump into anything else, please let us know. :honey_pot:

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