Workshop: Spreadsheet to Honeycode rescheduled for March 31st!

Workshop: Spreadsheet to Honeycode

I have a spreadsheet that my team uses for...“ - you may be quite familiar with this comment. Spreadsheets are fantastic tools, but we find they can display overwhelmingly amounts of data, and don't scale well for day-to-day use once you’ve grown past a few dozen rows. Honeycode extends the spreadsheet concept and allows you to build an application where you can show just the right data, allowing users to focus on the task at hand. With the power of linked rows, you can create the relationships typically not implemented in spreadsheets, and avoid duplication of data and wide tables.

In this workshop, we'll cover some basic concepts about data organization, and importing data into Honeycode. We'll also consider how to transform a large project matrix into the right tables and relationships in Honeycode. Data organization and linking is a key first step in successfully building easy to enhance applications. Organizing data is an iterative process, which must none-the-less be completed before you finalize your app design, and avoid rework of many of your screens.

With Amazon Honeycode, teams can organize their work, use one central data repository, and collaborate based on specific tasks and roles.

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Where can I find the recordings from the past events?



Hi @franciscoed, welcome to our community! That's a great question. We're currently figuring out and designing the best way to share past events with our customers. Please stay tuned for more details :honeybee:


Hi folks, due to Pi Week, we need to move our next workshop to a different date and time. Please stay tuned for more details to come! To learn more about PI Week, please click here.

Thank you for understanding :honeybee:

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Can you send an email next time if postpone.... I stayed in the live stream for 30 mins, then checked community and found the event is postponed Lol...


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Our apologies @Juice! We'll keep this in mind moving forward, but note that we're going to do our best to avoid postponing other events in the future. Sometimes, these things are out of our control; however, we'll continue to focus on minimizing the impact to our customers :honeybee:

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Thank you!

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Hi folks, this workshop has been rescheduled to March 31st, 1:30 PM (Pacific Time). You can refer to the official post above for more details. Hope to see all of you there! :smiley: