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Workshop: Augmenting Data in Honeycode

What if you have lots of data to review, approve, and augment? In the past, teams sent spreadsheets back and forth, and got approvals via email. With Amazon Honeycode, all of the content is in one place where approvals can be tracked-no more spreadsheets, no more emails (except automated notification emails, if you want them). You can build a custom application to meet your specific business needs, invite the right collaborators, and augment and track the data easily with Amazon Honeycode - like it’s 2021!

In this workshop, we’ll demonstrate how to take, for example, albums and song data, ingest it, augment it, approve it, and preview it. This is a medium to advanced lab where we’ll make use of automations, and link data from several tables in order to create an ingest and approval workflow. We’ll also reference CSV imports via Amazon AppFlow and other automated ways to ingest data into Honeycode.

Amazon Honeycode, a fully-managed AWS service, gives you the power to build powerful mobile & web applications, to manage your team’s workflow, without writing any code.

DATE & TIME: Wednesday, March 10th, 1 PM - 1:30 PM PT (Pacific Time)

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Thanks @Taylor that's a very intesreting topic to showcase. The concept of "augmenting data" includes as well data management and data quality check?

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Hi @Joel-1ada! This workshop will cover some concepts, which may help you build a data augmentation, management, and quality control application. It'll also cover the import, tables, and screens you may want to develop to build such an application for your business users to manage and correct data.

We hope you can make it again :honeybee:

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It is going to be a Thursday March 11 5:00 AM for me in Singapore though.

definitely keen still. i will do my best to wake up ahhah


We'd love for you to join us as well, @karbonphyber! Start your day with Honeycode :honey_pot:

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ok. didn't make it! lol! how did it go!?!?

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It was a great turnout. We missed you @karbonphyber :slight_smile: We have another workshop coming up, which you could consider too: Join us for our next Workshop on March 17th!

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