Zapier Integrations Error


I am running into a strange error on a couple of my Zaps. I get an error saying that the Endpoint request timed out. However, the Zap still works and sends information to Honeycode. The problem is that Zapier reschedules the request and tries again and run the Zap again, leading to duplicated rows.

Has anyone else had this issue? My Zap is only 2 steps.

Hi @Max I didn't have this issue with my Zapier flows. Considering your errors, I recommend you to raise a ticket to Zapier.

Could you share more information about the setup of the Zapier flows? I can have a look.

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Sure, the Zap just adds a new row to a table whenever there is a new Shopify order.

I've also been just experiencing overall slowness throughout the app, especially on button clicks. Sometimes it takes up to a minute or 2 to apply the change even if there is only 1 action on the button

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@Max thanks for reporting the issue, our engineering team will be investigating this.

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