Ability to copy text in lists in the iOS app

Include the ability to copy the text that is in lists in the iOS app. without the ability for copy, i find this a deal breaker.

Hello @robb-7f5e,

Thank you for building apps with Honeycode! To copy data displayed in the list in your iOS app, currently we support doing so when the data cell is editable. To make a data cell editable:

  1. Go to the builder view of your app on the web app
  2. Select on a data cell
  3. Go to the properties panel and turn on the 'editable' check box

By doing this you should be able to click on the data cell in your iOS app and copy data.

I have also shared your feedback with the Product team to improve copying data from the iOS app without the need for making it editable. Could you also share any other scenarios where you would like to copy data from your app?

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