Absolute Cell Reference in Automation

I'm trying to create an Notification - Automation, I'm trying to build my recipient list using a Filter that gets its input value from another table. The value itself will change as the automation iterates but its location will not. I've tried the following two Filters but neither seem to work:



Anyone have any thoughts on how I can get the above to succeed or possible another way for me to approach it?

Hi @Pete,

I can help you out with this. :slight_smile:

If you're trying to send a notification email to a certain group of users, here's a way that may be easier for you.

In your table that has your contacts, you could add another column that would specify if a contact would receive notification emails or not. For example:

Screen Shot 2020-08-14 at 1.24.42 PM

Then when you set up your email notification automation, you can click on "Run Options" and have it only send a notification email to a contact if they have "Yes" in the Emails column.

In the "Run the step for these rows" field, you would enter a formula like: =Filter(People, "People[Emails]=%", "Yes")

And for the recipient field, you would put the column that is storing the contact.

Publish the automation, and now when this automation is triggered, it will run for those given rows and email those specified recipients.

Hope this method is helpful. :honeybee: :slight_smile:

Thanks Alyssa, but this doesn't solve my use case because the notification recipients isn't a fixed set of users. It is determined based on the automation trigger itself.

Effectively I have 3 tables:

  • one where records are stored -- Records
  • one where users opt-in to follow specific records -- Follower
  • one where updates pertaining to an updated record are stored -- FollowerConnector

All records in my application are stored in the Records table. App-users can choose to "Follow" a record or multiple records, which means they are opting in to receive notifications when information about these records is changed. The last table, FollowerConnector is strictly an automation table which I built due to the limitations of the Automation tool. Essentially it acts as an in-between for Records and Follower. It allows me to push the changes that get made to the Records table to a single row that the automation tool can read the information from, which allows the notification tool to then send that information out.

I was able to solve my above use case. The issue I was having is that I was trying to indicate a specific cell within a table and I was not aware that Tables in Honeycode were Cell agnostic. So I ended up indicating the cell by pointing to the sheet which has a similar name. The end result was something like this: 'Follower Connector'!C2