Action Variables

  • Create variables that can be changed throughout an action “*

  • I would like to be able to update a variable in several steps throughout an action. As an example, I would like to be able to initialize a string variable in step 1, in step 2 add the JSON for a master record to that string and in step 3 add the JSON for each of the detail lines, then I can pass that JSON object to a webook at the end of the action.

  • We are currently limited by the fact that we can't build complex object to pass into a webhook (like a invoice document including all of the detail lines). We currently work around this by creating Lambda functions that pull the information using the API, but would prefer to be able to do this entirely in Honeycode so we don't have to involve Python developers.

Hi @Michael_W_SCR, this is great feedback, I understand the need you have described. I'm passing it on to our product team to consider for future automation enhancements. Thanks for the suggestion and please keep them coming in!

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