Add Data Cells to an Object


Data cells are a type of object (i.e. app interface) that you can use to show data from a table. Honeycode allows you to add data cells to other objects. Data cells are customizable and can:

  • Allow app users to edit data
  • Be used as variables
  • Display data based on a condition
  • Be used in automations


Please note these steps assume that you already have a table of data (like the image below) and an app built. The steps below show a use case for adding a data cell to display the SUM of the values in the Budget column.

  1. In the builder, click the object you want to add a data cell to and then click + Add objects.

  1. Click the Data Cell icon and the data cell will populate in the object block. Right click on the data cell and click Properties.

  1. Customize the data cell and click X when complete. In this example, the data cell was programmed as a budget total for the summary column.

  1. Click View app to check out your new data cell.

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