Add Notification / Rowlink and picklist - Display text

Hello, while i am developing a school App, i found data modelling and mapping is most easy. I have come across some challenges and- those could be because of lack of my knowledge . Will Appreciate any help.

  1. How to add Notification Message after adding a new row successfully.
    I end up adding same data multiple times as it took time even to refresh in table and the list on web page

  2. Rowlink and picklist and customize the display text as the required column (table has multiple rows) but the Web page shows the first column of the table only however the correct data populate in table.
    How can i see the column selected in "customize the display"

  3. I have a survey table where we will have all potential admissions enquiry and status field to track if the adminssion is done or Visit is expected or Not interested

How can i have a Dashboard that shows me # of Student survey done, # Admission done , # Visits expected etc ... I meant to have reporting feature on table.

Let me know if more clarification is required

Thank you
Satish Shrikhande

Hi Satish!

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Great questions, do you mind clarifying if you are using the new experience or classic?

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