Added a member to our SSO team but still can't access

We added a new team member to our SSO users, and enabled AWS SSO for them. However they cannot see the Honeycode app in their App profile, nor do they show up in our Honeycode user list.

The only difference in their profile from the rest of the team is their email address. It's not an email within our domain. Could this be the reason? If so, how do we get around this?

They ARE in our SSO profile for accessing AWS with full Admin rights, and Full Access to Honeycode per AWS Permission Settings.

Any help would be appreciated.

Hi @Larr-d1ee,

Thanks for reaching out. An SSO team can have multiple domains. More information can be found about this topic here.

I also want to mention Honeycode Single Sign-On (SSO) Admin Guide as an additional resource that covers pieces relating to multiple domains.

If you're still having trouble, we ask that you file a case in the AWS Support Console.