Allow selection of uneditable text fields on Android

On Android, text cannot be selected unless it is in a field that can be edited. This seems undesirable in general. In my use case, I'd like users to be able to copy addresses from my app into Google Maps. Even better would be the ability to embed clickable URL's in text.

Hi @Isaiah thanks for your question and welcome to the forum! I hear you that it's desirable to have fields that can be copied when they're not editable. I've made a note of this for our product team. There are a couple of things you could try in the interim:

  1. If the text fields are not in lists. Then creating them as Variable data cells with initial value set to your column (and not Shared data cells) can be used to good effect. These cells can be copied (and even edited) in the app, but they will not be persisted unless you build automation to do otherwise.
  2. If you put full hyperlinks in Honeycode apps, it will be rendered as clickable links which you can use.

For example, I built an app like so:

It is rendered in my Andriod like so:

I was able to select and copy out the text in this instance.

Thank you! I am using both of your suggestions to good effect.

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