Am I the only person who wants gps co-ordinates?

I'd like access to the gps co-ordinates from the mobile...

We have several locations so I'd like to customise the data presented to the user depending on location and log the location when entering new data

Don't need fancy maps (although wouldn't say no) just the ability to work out you're 'close' to a particular point.

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Yes, I want that too.

Hello @John-d6b7 and @Dinh-1274, thanks for the post. As you may have experienced, today we do not support the ability to access GPS coordinates from mobile. I am taking note of this and will submit a request to our product management team for future review. I'll also mention that we've had similar GPS/mapping requests as well, so it is something we continue to evaluate.

Please keep the ideas coming in and let us know if you have any additional questions!

Hi @aj, GPS-coordinate inputs can be used to do quick visualization in QuickSight, that would be a bonus.

Thanks @Dinh-1274. Noted. :slight_smile:

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