An app where a client requests products to factory

Hi dear fellows, I'm trying to make an app for two companies, its main purpose will be ordering products, the STORE asking FACTORY for products among other things.
I'm attaching a video so you can see an example of what my app it's supposed to be doing.

I think I'm almost finished but I seem not to find a way to put all pieces together, I'm doupting if I have to send all details of the PEDIDOS screen to a unique table, or in the other way should those details be sent to different tables?
Pls take a look at what I've done so far and let me know how could I get this done.

Below is what my app is supposed to be doing

Below is what I´ve done so far
HoneyCode ordering products app

I consider not everything is working wrong, for example, each time I click the button "Guardar" (save), all data is sent to "Base de datos" table, thats ok, but I´m still not able to create another line in the app for user to be able to keep ordering more and different products, besides that, I need the app not to carry on the last order info after clicking on "Guardar"(save), so that every line is set to 0 or blanck when placing another order, PLS HELP!!

Hi @Pabl-2603! :slight_smile:

Here's an example I built for a similar question that meets the same requirements you're looking for: Calculating based on a Filter result - #9 by Alyssa

In the post, I show how to set up a screen that allows you to add items to an order and calculate the totals.

I'll add one note too; In the example you can see that I have an "X" button that allows you to remove an item from a list / order. For that button, the automation is set up to remove the context row like this:

Hope that linked example helps, and let us know if you have any further questions. :honey_pot:

Thx much Alyssa,
Is there a way that after user places the order, the whole form sets it's values back to zero ? So that user can place another order

Hi @Pabl-2603, you're welcome! :slight_smile:

For your next question, I'd suggest two ideas to explore:

1 ) After submitting an order (by clicking a "Submit Order" button), the user is navigated back to a home screen where they can view all orders and add a new order (with an "New Order" button which navigates a user to the form screen).


2 ) To stay on the same order screen, you could have a user click on a button that says something like "Submit and Start New Order", and the order number increments by one.

Here's an article, which shows how to set up a table and button automation to increment orders by one: Build a Unique Row ID Automation. This would be helpful to set up regardless if you choose to navigate to a home screen or stay on the same order screen. :honey_pot: :honeybee:

Thx so much Alyssa,
One question, under those two scenarios how could I make all the spaces where cu needs to input data be blank and erase the details from last order?

Hi @Pabl-2603,

By associating the content on the form screen to the order number, the screen will be blank for a new order (incremented by one), as there are no items added yet to that new order. This means that the form will be blank for the new order, in both suggestions I provided.

Hope that makes sense! :slight_smile:

Thx Alissa,
Could I get it done by following the example above ( Build a unique row Id automation ) and associate the content to an order through that process ?

Hi Alyssa,
I tried to accomplish what you suggested me but couldn't do it, could you pls explain to me how to associate the content on the form screen to the order number?

Hi @Pabl-2603 :honeybee:

Yes, I'm happy to help further!

First, I'd recommend checking out the App Wizard, since this creates a flow for you of a List Screen, Details Screen, and Form screen from your tables. There's also a Form object in Builder, which creates a similar flow. These are great references to understand how it works.

When you navigate to a form screen from a button, you can pass in data to associate to that row (or the context row for that screen). This means that button can pass in a defined order number like this:

I set up this example as if I had just followed the steps in this article: Build a Unique Row ID Automation. That article shows how to set up a table that helps increment orders by one.

Then on the Forms screen, if you modify the form to look like something as in your example or this example, you will want the order items to be relevant to only that order on the screen. This is done with a FILTER formula on the list object that shows the order entries.

It would look something like: =FILTER(OrderEntries,"OrderEntries[Order]=%",$[Order Number])

Hope this provides some more clarity! :honey_pot:

Hi Alyssa,
I continue my journey, hopefully I will get my app up and running soon.

I tried to follow your suggestion, now my app creates an order number each time I create a new order, but still cant associate the order number to multiple lines created in the app

In my table OrderSummaries it works smothly

In my orderEntries table is not working
Here I placed your filter formula =FILTER(OrderEntries,"OrderEntries[Order]=%",$[Order Number])

Could you help me pls?

Hi @Pabl-2603,

In looking at your app in Builder, the formula is evaluating successfully (shows 2 rows returning). Could you clarify what is not working as expected?

Also, it looks like on your screen that your order number variable might be $[Order content]. If that is the variable storing your order number value, you may need to include that in your formula instead of $[Order].

Hello Alyssa,
Thx for your help,
When I click on the "Submit Order" button, the following info is sent to "OrderSummaries" table

Order # ( auto generated )
Customer name ( input user )
Total cost ( input user )


At this point the app works well, but I need the order number to be sent to the "OrderEntries" table and associated to the products chosen by user, but that is not working
For instance, in the "OrderEntries" table there are two products selected by user in the app, I mean the last two lines which are:

They were chosen under the order # that appears in the "OrderSummarie" table as follows:

That last order # 7 should appear in the "OrderEntries" table next to these lines:

And here I have screenshots of my app

Here are my tables


Hi @Pabl-2603 ,

Thanks for the screenshots; you're almost there! Just need to tweak where you have your automation that writes the order number. :slight_smile:

The way your app is set up, the order number is not created until the order is submitted (You can see in your first screenshot that the Order number field is blank). Instead, you'll want to generate and pass in the order number value upon navigating to the form screen.

Looking at your app, it appears that you only have one screen. I'd recommend having a home screen or another screen (perhaps a screen that lists other orders), where users can click on an "Add Order" button that navigates to the Form Screen and generates the order number. As shown in this reply, this is how it would look:

In your case, you would write to the $[Order] variable.

Another formula that would work, if there are existing orders would be:

That formula looks for the last order number that was written to your summaries table and adds one to it. Just another solution for you that increments by one. :slight_smile:

I hope this makes sense! The main concept is that you want to generate the order number first, and then add items to that specific order.

Thx so much for the explanation,
Would it be the correct way to send what user orders to the OrderEntries table and those items be associated with its corresponding order number?

Hi @Pabl-2603 , yes, that is correct. :slight_smile:

Looking at your screenshots, your automation is already writing the $[Order] value, however nothing is being written since it that field is currently blank. Once you populate that field on the screen with the Order number by following the steps I provided above, it will write the order number as desired.

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Good morning Alyssa,
Thx for being so patient, finally with your help I ended up getting it, see how nice my app looks.





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I have another question, ( sorry to bother ), right after I click on "Add to order" button, Item and Quantity values remain the ones I already chose, what could I do so that those values change to blank, it would look better and would prevent user from choosing the same values again.

Hi @Pabl-2603, no bother! Happy to answer your new question too. :slight_smile:

To set the quantity back to zero, you would add another automation action on your "Add to order" button which writes "0" to the $[Quantity] variable. This is done with the "Update current screen" action.

This action will need to be after the action that writes the user's entered quantity value to the tables (your add row action). This is how it will look:

Hope that helps! :honeybee: :honey_pot:

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It worked, as always thx so much!


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