Android app stopped working

Hi, I've been using Honeycode for a while now and starting yesterday the app on my Android phone stopped working. The front page that lists the available apps shows a message that says:
Something went wrong...
We're sorry, we had some trouble loading your apps. Please try again.

I've been using the app on this phone with no problem for a while. I have tried clearing the cache and storage. I've even uninstalled the app, restarted the phone, and re-installed the app, and the same thing happens.

I think this is the first time I have tried to use Honeycode on my phone since it last updated the OS, so a recent Android update could be part of the issue. App version is 1.11.0(1.2.21967.0) and Android is version 11 on software version RPMS31.Q1-54-13-8 with security patch from December 1, 2021.

Is anyone else having similar issues?

Hi @Mich-ce1b! Thank you for sharing what you're experiencing on mobile -

Could you submit this to us in an issue report? In a browser, please click on the help icon in Honeycode > "Report an issue". This provides logs to us that may help us see what's going on.

Thanks for your help. I submitted an issue report.

Hi @Mich-ce1b :honeybee:

Just confirming here that we've received your issue report (thank you for submitting that!), and the team is investigating the issue. We'll be in touch with you privately if any further information is needed.