API support for creating/altering tables

I'm trying to build an integration between a shop system and Honeycode where the user is able to sync customers, products, orders etc. with Honeycode to create custom apps by its own for example a picker app, a functionality or app which doesn't exist in the shop.
For this purpose all entities with lots of properties/attributes are exported from the shop and persisted on S3 as JSON. From there its loaded to Honeycode.

Currently we are blocked because AWS doesn't support dynamic creation/altering of tables via API/SDK. Unfortunately it seems that the tables I want to upsert rows via SDK need to be created manually beforehand. Also I'm wondering how integrations like Zapier or AppFlow are able to do that.
Since there are currently no other integrations with for example DynamoDB oder Postgres, to use the Honeycode API/SDK is our only option. It would be great if the API could be extended with the functionality to create/alter Honeycode tables.

Hi @Flor-6db4,

Thank you for reaching out and welcome to the community.

I understand the request and can see the benefit of adding the requested functionality to the product. We greatly appreciate your input. I will ensure that my product managers are aware of your input.

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