App crash - on Block tap - iOS and Android

I have a few blocks on a screen for information display; All with the same setup, but any accidental tap on two of them in particular crashes the app.

These two Blocks both have a linked Data Cell in them which links to another screen. The links still work, if you tap on them carefully without tapping on the block.

In the web version, the app does not crash, but the mouse does change to a hand pointer over these blocks but not the others. There is no action assigned to clicking on the block itself.

I haven't edited my app for a week; and it worked fine previously. Has anyone else had this happen or can shed some light please?

Exits back out of the app to the OS

Hi @Neil, thanks for all of those details and the screenshot -

Sounds like you may have bumped into a bug, so I'm going to submit this to our team to take a look.

Just so we have more info, could you also submit an issue report on the web version and provide screenshots of the block properties? Give any other relevant screenshots or app details there too.

To do this, in the Honeycode Builder, click on the "Help" icon in the left-hand panel > Report an issue. I'll add what you share there to the notes for our team.

Thanks @Alyssa, this was solved by creating a new block with the same source $[InputRow], and dragging all the segments out of the old one to the new one, and deleting the old one.

Not much to report really as it's now fixed, I'm not sure why those two blocks were buggy.

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Hi @Neil,

Ok great, I'm happy you were able to resolve this. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the screenshot and letting us know the steps that you took too, I'll share that info with our team.

Feel free to reach out if you run into anything else. Thank you! :honeybee:

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