Associating participants (Contacts) to a Meeting

I've created a Customer table and a Meeting table with an auto-generated meeting ID and picklist for the associated customer. I also created a Contact table with an auto-generated Contact ID. I'm now trying to create a screen to add participants (contacts) to a meeting (Meeting Participants table). I have $InputRow as the clicked meeting ID in the screen from the previous page. I have a column list that has Contact ID per row, and an action to populate a screen variable ($Selected_ContactID) when a user clicks on a Contact list row. A follow-on action adds a new row to Meeting Participants using $InputRow and $Selected_ContactID. It shows warnings in the automation, but no way to get to the details. When I run the automation, I get the following on the app page -
Honeycode Front End Error
and the following error in the HoneyCode interface -
HoneyCode Backend Error .

Here are a few screenshots that might help explain -
Honeycode Variable Population
HoneyCode Write Meeting_Participant_1
HoneyCode Write Meeting_Participant_2
Not sure what I'm doing wrong here... Any help would be greatly appreciated.

First thing would be to isolate where the issue is, which step is failing. There are a few ways to do this.

  1. Delete all steps but one. Test vigorously, only add new steps when all previous steps are confirmed to be working.
  2. DIY Automation Logs. Build a table called "logs". In-between each step of an automation, add a "add row" step, that writes some data into this logs table. This can help let you know how many steps managed to execute before the automation crashed, and by having it print out specific values, that might help you determine where the issue is.

Taking a wild guess based on what I see here...

  1. $[SelectedContactID] is not set to type Variable. Screen Data cells that aren't tied to a specific table cell are read-only when "Shared", even when they're editable. Once you set them to variable, they actually start to save their contents.

I'm not sure what I did, but I changed a lot of things and it is now working. I think the thing that fixed this was to use the row reference instead of trying to write to a form variable which would then be used in the action. In any case, I got past it. Thanks for the suggestions on troubleshooting techniques!

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