Auto-generate a Chime or Zoom link using Honeycode?

Is there a way to have Honeycode auto generate meeting ID's for services like Chime or Zoom?

Hi @DannyHoney, this is an interesting feature request. Would you be able to expand a bit on it? What is your business or use case? Is there a problem you're trying to solve with this ability? How is you or your team blocked without this feature?

Any additional information would be useful for the team, as it helps us prioritize our roadmap. We also might be able to offer an alternative solution, which could achieve the same or similar results :honeybee:

One other option you can try in the interim is integrating with Zapier. So you can try the following: Honeycode automation (any event that's supported) --> Webhook block --> Zapier zap --> Create Zoom meeting link --> Honeycode action in zap --> write the Zoom meeting link to a table.

To learn more about external integrations, you can view our Integrate Data with Zapier and Amazon AppFlow article.

Hello Taylor,

I apologize, I thought I had sent in a response to your ask, but I do not see it posted here.

I am creating a scheduling app where mentors can fill out a form indicating when they are available to have meetings with their mentee. One barrier we are experiencing is that in order for our organization to approve mentoring sessions, we must have a meeting link. The meeting link can be zoom, google meet. I am not sure if the general public has access to Amazon Chime, but I mention it as this functionality could be a benefit to your internal customers.

We currently rely on the mentor to create a meeting link and then copy and paste it into the form; however, most mentors forget this step. It would be great if Honeycode could auto generate these meetings IDs as it would decrease our approval time.

As for creating a zap or webhook, I would love to be able to integrate our Honeycode app with external services; however, my organization does not have the budget to afford this functionality.

Thank you,

Hi @DannyHoney, no worries and thanks for checking back in! This is helpful info to hear more about your use case. Quick note, Amazon Chime is available to the general public.

I'd like to better understand about the Zapier or Webhook integration costs. These features are available in the Basic plan for Honeycode. Would you be able to share the other costs you're referring to? I want to make sure I have these details correct before passing on to the team.

From Integrate Data with Zapier and Amazon AppFlow

Creating a Zap with Honeycode as the trigger

3. Set up the Trigger in Zapier: In the search bar for Choose App & Event , enter "Webhooks" and then select Webhooks by Zapier (requires premium Zapier account). For the trigger event, choose Catch Hook . Copy the URL found in the box called Custom Webhook URL.

Even though Honeycode webhooks are available in the Basic (free) plan, based on, Zapier premium plans start at $19.99 USD per month for the ability to trigger Zaps through Webhooks (i.e from the Honeycode webhook)

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Thanks for jumping in, @Shavina :slight_smile:

@DannyHoney, please let me know if there are other details beyond what Shavina provided so I can include it in the feature request for the team to consider.


Yes I believe the information that Shavina is what I meant. On the pricing side - If you select the pricing link for Zapier, you see that the Webhook function is not added as a feature until you reach the $49.00 / month plan.

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Got it! Thanks for these details, @DannyHoney. I'll submit this feature request and feedback to the team now :honeybee:

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