Blank List object won't display any results

I can't get the Blank List object to display anything. At first, I thought my filter was incorrect, but it looks fine to me. So I replaced it with just a table name so that it's job is to simply display the table results. However, it shows a list of blank lines with no data in them. The number of blank lines does correspond to the number of records I have though.

I can't work out what I need to do to get data (any) to display in this object.

This is the builder:

Here's the result:

Edit: I have changed the blank list to a column list and it works. I only used a blank list originally because I'm working through the tutorials. Maybe I don't understand how blank lists work, but the tutorial doesn't explain it...

For a blank list, you need to add data cells, and then set the source of each data cell to a column in the table.

Thank you. It wasn't clear in the tutorial.

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