Button visibility using AND function with three arguments

HI everyone,

Im trying to use the following for for my button visibility settings however it keeps throwing up a Syntax error, any ideas why ?

=IF(ROWS(FILTER(Onboarding_Plans,"Onboarding_Plans[name]=% AND Onboarding_Plans[dob]=% AND Onboarding_Plans[Onboarding_Plans[Seniority Level]=%",$[SYS_USER],"", "Contractor"))>0,false, true, true)


Before I post a solution - I am not one of the Honeycode specialists. They will probably come up with a more eloquent solution that I will, but here is what worked for me.

Hi @kris-a559 :honeybee:

For your formula, you can remove IF() since the visibility formula will already check if the formula will return true. Also, I see an extra "Onboarding_Plans" in your formula; perhaps that was an accidental auto-complete when you were creating your formula.

This is how your formula would look instead:
ROWS(FILTER(Onboarding_Plans,"Onboarding_Plans[name]=% AND Onboarding_Plans[dob]=% AND Onboarding_Plans[Seniority Level]=%",$[SYS_USER],"", "Contractor"))>0

Hope that helps clarify, and let us know if you have any other questions! :slight_smile:

Also, thanks for chiming in with a solution, @DannyHoney! Using AND as you've shown is another way to write a visibility formula that would evaluate to true or false.