Calendar working days

Is there any functionality for workings days in the calendar? I need to select just working days, not holydays nor weekends.

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Hi @Vict-0bc1, welcome to the forum!

Using the WEEKDAY() formula, you can get a number that corresponds to the day of the week your date falls on. So you can use that to check if the date falls on a Saturday or Sunday. A Saturday date will return 7; a Sunday date, 1. To exclude holidays, you would need to create a table with the dates you want to exclude and ensure the date is not in your table.

Hi @Vict-0bc1, I just wanted to check in to see if @Isaiah's guidance had helped the need of selecting just working days from a calendar?

If not, I just wanted to confirm something - Basically you would like to have a native Honeycode calendar object on a screen where a user would click/tap and select a date. This calendar object, however, would not allow the use to select a weekend or holiday. Is that correct?

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The native calendar would be great, the weekday works, but i were searching for a function that do the job with less effort.

If there is another way to perform the action in a better way, please advice me.

Thanks in advance

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