Can you add demo or practical based on domains


Please keep adding demo/practicals based on domain like CRM,banking , engineering , HR , Learning etc...
I am trying to create CRM with getting many issues and trying resolve one by one. but demo or practical helps and save time.

Andy D

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Hi @AndyD, thanks for the request!

Our team is working on creating more content, so this is great feedback to know what would be helpful.

Just for further clarity, could you let us know what exactly you'd like to see? Are there any particular flows or examples of app-building you are looking for within the domains you mentioned?

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@AndyD Also, I'd like to note that we have several templates available here, which may have been what you were looking for.

Once you get a chance to explore those templates, let us know if those help and if there's anything else you may want to see an example of.

We're always open to new template suggestions! :slightly_smiling_face: :honeybee:

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Thanks for your reply.

Ok. Basically I would like to create typical CRM app , which includes , Company , Customers , LEAD MANAGEMENT , BOOKING & SALES ACCOUNTS , CUSTOMER INTERACTIONS , BROKER or Channel partners MANAGEMENT , CUSTOMER / Brokers ACCOUNTS tracker. these are random modules comes to my mind. I may missed main modules.

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Hi @AndyD,

Got it! Thanks for sharing what you'd like to see. I'll pass that info along to our team, which we can be mindful of as we continue to create new templates and demos / practicals.

Feel free to share any more if you think of any, or any other thoughts to improve Honeycode. :honeybee:

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