Can you change the HOME Screen to another Screen?

Is there a way to change whih screen is the "HOME" Screen?
I'm presuming this is the screen the App starts in every time you open it.
I did a build using the App Wizard and the Summary page is defined as the "Home Page".
I'm trying to build an expense app where I want the "Home" screen to be the input screen as I want to add an expense right away. This is a user preference, so being able to order which screen the app opens on would be good.
I may rebuild the app so I have the specific screen I want for "Home" but it would be far easier to actually be able to choose/alter this.
Thank you.


Open the App Navigation section, and whatever screen is dragged to the top will become your home screen.


Yep, what @AndrewB said. Took me a while to find it too. We'll make it easier to access.

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