Cell values in rowlink format get not recognized

To get familiar with "Honeycode" I am trying to build a little App where you can claim a task at home and if you fulfil it successfully you can gain Stars, Points or what ever. After every month we score the winner - or something like this...
So, my current issue is that when I try to reference a value from a cell in "Rowlink-Format" then the formula is not recognizing it.
Here a concrete example:

If I write "Staubsaugen" (vacuum cleaning) instead of [HomeTasks] at the end of the FINDROW() formula all works perfectly well and I get the "Stars/Points" one time vacuum cleaning is "worth" according the following table:

What do I have to do, that it recognise "Staubsaugen" also with [HomeTasks]?
Hope, I could explain my issue clear enough.
Thanks for your help in advance

Hi @Reto-7cad,

First off, welcome to the community! :slight_smile:

I can see what's happening, and it's a pretty easy fix.

In your formula, you are calling the row link of "HomeTask" and you need to be calling the column that is storing "Staubsaugen" (also called "HomeTask"). The reason why it works when you just put "Staubsaugen" by itself is because it matches the column (rather than the whole row link).

So for your formula you would just call that column by adding it next to the rowlink call, meaning it would look something like this:

=IF[Status]="erfolgreich", FINDROW(A_Task, "A_Task[HomeTask]=%", [HomeTask][HomeTask])[Stars], 0)

Let me know if that works. :slightly_smiling_face: :honeybee: