Conditional formatting?

Is there a simple way of colour formatting priority i.e if high then colour code red; if medium then orange; if low then green?

Hi @kevi-ef1e

I've been able to address this via Visibility Settings.

Below for example, if the 'Total Required' is less than, or greater than, 'Inventory'....Visibility settings will display only the objects with appropriate formatting (green or red). [ if the values match exactly]

Based on the Visibility Settings, only one of these will show to the user, based on the conditions set:

So, you end up creating multiple objects on your screen design, all with different Visibility settings/formatting to match your condition. Hope that is helpful to your use-case.

(I actually have 'two' Visibility Settings configured in this example in addition to the font color. If the value of 'Total Required' is 0, I simply don't want to show the line at all)