Copying a table from one Workbook to another

I am aware that you can simply copy a screen from the builder app from one workbook to another with a simple control c then control v. Here's some images below:

Control + C from old workbook:

Control + V to new workbook:

What I am wondering is if you can do the same thing with a table.
For now I have tried to copy a table with highlight the whole table manually then control c + control v in a blank table in a different workbook and name it the same thing so in the screens I am creating it is still pulling from the right tables. However, relational filters, created formulas, and specified formats do not come through when doing this. Is there any way to get around this without remaking them? Here are some examples in images below:

Control + C with old table (because can't do it from the side bar like you can with screens in the builder)

(because can't do it from the side bar like you can with screens in the builder)

Control V in new table:
Notes: Manually have to name it the same as the old table.

Problem arises here: Person ID does not get any of it's formula brought over, just values. So data would not change when being used in the future.

Old data set:

New Data set:

Clarification: I do not want to duplicate this whole workbook, just bring over a few tables exactly the same to a new workbook with the same function, filters, and formatting within them.

Hi @TimS-c049,

Thank you for reaching out.

Currently, Honeycode does not support this functionality. I can definitely see how this feature might be beneficial. We've shared it with our Product team for consideration.

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